Filing a Claim With Your Mover for damaged or missing goods in transit

Your Movers / Moving Company Name
Filing a claim for lost or damaged items is fairly easy!

Just send us via US Mail the following items;

1. A letter describing your grievances and a description of the lost or
damaged items. Be sure to include your complete contact
information – address and phone number(s).

2. A copy of your move Contract (UNIFORM HOUSEHOLD

3. A copy of your itemized List of Contents

4. Photographs of the damaged items. These don’t have to be
professional pictures, but the item must be discernable and the extent
of the damages apparent.

Send it to:
Claim Management
Your Movers Address.

When we receive your claim we log it into our system and start the claim process. Claim processing can take from 10-30 days. Please wait at least 30 days before contacting us about the status of your claim.